MRP: Rs. 14,990




  • Releasing of Anions
  • Bactericidal UV Rays
  • Remove PM2.5
  • Double Control operation
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Multiple filtering
  • Atomized Humidification
  • Intelligent Sensor


  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) at 180m³/hr
  • Area covered max. up to 350 sq. ft.
  • Digital display with control buttons
  • Best in class 7-stage filtration system
  • Sleep mode available
  • Wind speed adjustment
  • Can be controlled through remote
  • Smart UV & Anion mode
  • Odor sensor
  • Timer mode
  • 1 year warranty



    • Alloy Washable Filter: Stops heavier particles of hair, dust, etc.
    • Cold Catalyst Filter: Stops heavier particles of hair, dust, etc. It can be used to deal with Formaldehyde/Ammonia/Benzene/TVOC/Hydrogen Sulfide and other harmful gases released by plywood, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, curtains and bedspreads.
    • Activated carbon Filter: A unique honeycomb coconut shell activated design containing Live Charcoal granuals, blocks Gases and odours. Removes: Cigarette Smoke/pet & sweat odours/other harmful gases etc.
    • Anti-microbial Filter: The 5-microns filter with antimicrobial agents can efficiently capture microbes in the air.
    • HEPA Filter: Traps pollutants of size 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency rate. Removes : very small particles/small allergens/microscopic bacteria and viruses/dust mites, etc.
    • Ultra Violet Light: The 365nm UV light works independently to neutralize microorganisms. Removes : Bacteria / Mould / Viruses etc.
    • Negative Ionizer: Zillions of healthy negative ions fill your room for continued cleaning. Increases freshness in the room & activity level in your body. Also helps increase immunity, creates forest/hill station type air. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) at 180M³/hr.



  • CADR (Air Flow): 180m³/hr
  • Anion: 5×10⁷/cm³
  • PM 2.5: 96.5%
  • TVOC: 94.5%
  • Natural Bacteria: 98.2%
  • Dust Removal: 99.9%
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Applicable area: 35m³
  • Noise: 18dB
  • Control operation: Panel Buttons + Remote Control
  • Sensor: Odor Sensor
  • Filter Details: Nano-coldcatalyst + Activated Carbon Filter + Antibacterial Filter + HEPA Filter + UV Lamp